Anbar Governor meets with White House officials two files humanitarian and security and the reconstruction of the province

2016/8/12 12:42

[Oan- Baghdad]

Suhaib al-Rawi met the governor of Anbar province, on Thursday, in Washington, DC, with officials at the White House, and discussed with him the files humanitarian and security and the reconstruction of the province.

The governor of Anbar a page on the social networking site [Facebook], that the narrator, "presented during the meeting, an explanation on the repercussions of the humanitarian file that accompanied the crisis witnessed by the province since the entry entity Daash criminal," he said, at the same time to "quality of military operations taking place in Anbar province, effective support of the international coalition. "

He pointed out the governor of Anbar, to the "big role by the United States on both sides of the training of combat troops and provide them with equipment, quality strikes on strongholds of terrorism in Iraq, in addition to humanitarian aid, which amounted to all the displaced people of the province at home and abroad, which deserves thanks and appreciation to the people The Government of the United States. "

For their part, officials confirmed at the White House, "their commitment to the unity and stability of Iraq and to spare no effort to achieve all that is in the outcome of the progress of the Iraqi and prosperity in all fields, and all the provinces, particularly Anbar province, which has been viewed on all the merits of its files by communicating with the central and local governments the representation of the United States and international organizations in Iraq. "

Anbar governor also visited the Washington media communication team, and competent to fight extremist ideology, which was addressed to the fight against extremism and support is due in it, especially from the media mechanisms.