Convoy crowd Hacdk Aaala G continues to provide logistical support for the heroes in the boycotted edits Mtaibijh Salahuddin (photographer)


A delegation from the Hawza in Najaf popular and a delegation from the provinces of Najaf and Wasit (convoy crowd Hacdk Aaala (p) for logistical support) and in coordination with the Commission for guidance and mobilization for the defense of Iraq 's holy sites providing convoy logistical support for the pieces of the popular crowd forces boycotted the area of operations Mtaibijh and Melhh Tel Ksiba and Khaddo village in Salahuddin province.
He told His Eminence Sheikh Ayad al - Tai reporter media war battalions today, Friday, that " the delegation lose the popular crowd / band - Abbas forces p combat brigade _ and Karbala , the ninth of the Badr Organization Aldhafrh / categorically edit Mtaibijh area of operations in Salahuddin province."
According to Sheikh al - Tai "Bhmudallh day locked in our battles just hours to expel Aldoaash baddies who wreaked havoc and murderous and all this thanks to the Almighty Allah and adhere to the guidance supreme religious authority as though the enemy flees before them , and a coward because of the fairness of our battle with these killers extremist groups."
He continued , "Today our people but the whole world reacted to these terrorist elements and our heroes today and in the spirit and mettle of a national jealous are making a tremendous effort courtyards battlefield in order to Iraq and the world blessed with security and safety."
It is worth mentioning that the delegation composed of His Eminence Sheikh Kazem hamate and Shaykh Said threshold and His Eminence Sheikh Star hamate and Eminence Sheikh Ayad al - Tai and those who care about some of the provinces of Najaf and Wasit.Voice of Iraq