Super Markiat and showrooms and auction Dollar: Baghdadi investments confidential sources of funding can not be tracked for years

I got "debate" on important information about new methods relied upon "Daash" in the financing of his fighters, and indicate that the Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi , the leader of the organization has invested millions of dollars, and billions of Iraqi dinars in the economic and commercial projects outside the cities controlled by in Iraq , including the capital Baghdad.
He revealed a senior officer in the intelligence service's "Talk" on condition of anonymity because not authorized to declare that "security investigations underwent elements in Daash were arrested, in addition to find thousands of them documents during the successful military operations of the army in Anbar since the beginning of this year It revealed enormous information about the management structure of Daash. "
"The information includes names Daash leaders not only in Iraq but in Syria and Libya, whereabouts and plans for the future, but the most important information that was related to funding sources relied upon for the time being after losing several cities in Iraq recently."
The militant group had control of the cities of Tikrit and Baiji , and the role and Yathrib, Scientific and Shirqat in Salahuddin beginning of 2015, but it now controls only the city of Sharqat blockaded by the security forces for the past three weeks to edit.
In Anbar was dominated by seven major cities of Ramadi and Fallujah , a wet and white and Anah and Rawa and Qaim, but now it occupies only Anah and Rawa and Qaim.
Loss "Daash" to these cities in one year were not for him only a military loss but a great economic loss because these cities were included oil fields and farms and factories and wide were benefiting at the same funding, as he lost tax revenues and royalties , which was imposed on the population of these cities .
In spite of that , but the officer says intelligence " The investigations indicate that Daash does not suffer from the current financial crisis, because it is still benefiting from Mali hidden resource can not be reached easily, detect an investment in commercial projects."
He adds that " The investigation revealed that the leader of Daash and his collaborators since 2014 invested a lot of money in the economic and trade projects included dozens of exhibitions for the sale of cars, commercial malls and construction, and even participate in the auction of the dollar, and a large portion of these investments are in Baghdad."
Included investment of hundreds of fish ponds and farms of fruits and vegetables on the outskirts of Baghdad, and even build a civil and trade hospitals in medicines that generate huge profits worth millions of dollars a month, says the officer in the intelligence.
And the way to collect these profits and send part of it to the cities controlled by the "Daash" to pay fighters ' salaries and establish a service in which the projects, says the officer, ordinary people and traders and businessmen nothing to do with the organization ideologically, are running these projects , as mediators under the tight control of the body "house money" of Daash They are similar to the Ministry of Finance. "
He adds that "middlemen who collect money and send it through the remittances of banking offices and some banks to any city inside and outside Iraq, some of these banks do not know the source of the money, but you send money for profit."
When the militant group attacked Iraq, who controlled the majority of the cities of Nineveh, Salahuddin and Anbar, took over the banks in them, says a source in the Iraqi Ministry of Finance's "Talk" that "Daash" seized on the funds deposited in the eighty branches of banks Iraqi some government such as "Mesopotamia" and "rational" and some non - governmental organizations.
In spite of the difficulty of counting the money obtained from these banks the size, but it is estimated to be worth an estimated five trillion Iraqi dinars , equivalent to four billion dollars, according to the source in the Ministry of Finance.
She decided the money "Daash" invest in commercial projects, says the officer in the intelligence that "Daash seized huge amounts of the Iraqi dinar, but he can not take advantage of the Iraqi currency to invest outside of Iraq , and this turned to be invested inside Iraq."
The amounts obtained in dollars from the Central Bank building in Mosul and selling oil from Alas and Hamrin fields in Salahuddin over a year and a half he was doing investing outside Iraq, especially in Turkey and other countries, according to the officer.
According to documents obtained by the security forces in Anbar, the "house money" has two, the first to collect and count the money earned by "Daash" per month, while the second is calculated monthly expenses include fighters, and the salaries of families of the dead, and the purchase of the salaries of weapons, ammunition and expenses media campaigns in the production of films video and recruit people to manage hundreds of pages on social networking sites, especially fighters "Daash" in Europe and America 's financial and budget is spent on recruitment operations carried out by sleeper cells.
The documents also indicate that " the Finance Committee comprises nine members , each of whom is qualified in one case by the chairman of this committee to monitor their work and review their accounts in order to prevent for administrative corruption and Mali in these funds."
He says security expert Ziad Ahmed's "Talk" to "fund basic Daash sources are donations from jihadist organizations and traders Arabs, taxes and
royalties and military booty obtained from controlled areas in Iraq in addition to the smuggling of oil, and these sources of easily followed and stopped after making taken by the United Nations that. "

The UN Security Council adopted two resolutions to cut off funding "Daash" included to prevent the organization from the export of oil and the smuggling of antiquities, the first decision (2253) on 17 December (December) 2015, and the second decision (2199) in February 2015.
But the biggest problem lies as Ahmad says in investments and economic projects "because of difficulty followed and prevent the diversion of profits due to the backward in Iraq 's banking system and weak financial control over hundreds of banks and the offices of the financial banking, but this will remain investment Daash for many years."

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