It calls for the school to make way for the people of Mosul by others to liberate their land

He invited Mr. Mohammad Taqi school, on Friday, to make way for the people of the city of Mosul to participate in the liberation of their city from the control of "Daash , " saying the battle to liberate Mosul peace not revenge war, while Iraqis demanded the return of national unity to build their country.
The school said in a statement, " The liberation of Mosul need to edit the minds of diets and ignorance, and resorting to the public right before the gun , " noting that " the war earn the right opinion before they earn weapons and blood."
He also said, "should be the statesmanship displayed by political leaders in Iraq , a new breakthrough in the transition to Iraqi unity psychological and faith and then realized on the ground."
He called the school, to "make way for the people of Mosul to participate in the liberation of towns along the Iraqi armed forces in all its formations , " adding that "our war in Mosul will be like any other war that liberated Iraqi cities of Daash it is peace not revenge war war."
School student, " the Iraqi people and Government to re - national cohesion to build their country and restore security to him," following up " The conditions Rip imposed on the Iraqi people are gone , never to return , and we live in new conditions must be use it to re - glue to the people and to restore security, peace and welfare to every inch of our beloved land of Iraq. "