Post. Scales: Snape on the government for our corruption ...! Post Since 11/08/2016 16:17 pm (Baghdad time)
Writes: Falah Torch
The reality of the Ministry of Health and hospitals reveals that a non-starter for the life of the Iraqi citizen, health and devotes the worst forms of corruption and the collapse of the government's performance.
Write me a doctor from within the Yarmouk Hospital following; "Professor .. Did you know that the third fire .. but a failed administration, they do not do anything to remedy the situation, did you know, sir, that several fire fighters empty, did you know that there Asrasr Kmazh inside the operations room. etc "....!?
She Adila Hammoud is not responsible for the death of children in a fire Yarmouk, such as the Government is concerned with the lives of Iraqis and their tragedies catastrophic, it is not surprising that burned 300 Iraqis in the Karrada or a dozen children in a hospital or killed five thousand young people in Spyker, or missed three thousand women Yezidi or Christian, it is important that the satisfaction of the minister, who belongs to the party and was nominated by the leader of the site, and bring him revenue and benefits and contracts ..!
Corruption and failure and chaos prints all ministries and government departments, without exception, and it is seen more in the Ministry of Health, because the majority of Iraqis patients or victims of terrorism, bombings and various wars, but Agrabh that conflicts found within a single ministry, then, for example, the Director of Health Karkh was dismissed a year ago, but has not implemented it , and the reason that the minister of the Dawa Party, one of the Sadrist movement ...!
If the minister was weak and the agent or the director general of the influential owners and militias, it is obeyed to the minister, but the opposite is happening ..! Taking confined to transactions and contracts in the minister large whales office, bribery has become within the rules of the daily deal in the whole circuit, as the phenomenon has become mediators visitors everyday for the ministries and departments natural look closely to the minister's office or the Director-General.
The most dangerous spread of the phenomenon (of Rbanh) or Mr. so and so from the office or from a group Hajji Ooheik ..., instead of (al-Tikriti) or friend Rais in Saddam's time ..!
The difference with the integrity and the type of performance between the previous and subsequent.
Crimes of corruption and decadence and backwardness manager, was a natural result of political corruption and a system of quotas and the dominance of political parties and militias on power, the system lost the homeland and the citizen ...!