US Kurdish forces - implemented Anzala near Qaim, killing a senior member of the Daash

2016/8/11 22:11

[Oan- Baghdad]

Counter-terrorism forces of the Kurdistan Security Agency announced the death of a senior commander of the terrorist gangs Daash in the district based in Anbar province during joint air landing between the Kurdish special forces and an American process.

A statement by the Kurdish counterterrorism forces to joint force carried out a Kurdish American, on Thursday, take down the process of joint air where it has killed the leader of the organization Daash [Sami Jassim Mohammed al-Jubouri, near the western Anbar spend quo.

According to the statement, Sami Jassim was a senior leader in the organization of a Daash natural resources and the effects of mineral resources chief.

His name has been included in the list of the US Treasury, which include other characters that facilitate terrorist acts to Daash.