Integrity: 4 years in prison for the official Iraqi Red Crescent

Twilight News / Integrity Commission revealed Thursday for the issuance of the relevant issues of integrity misdemeanor court, money laundering and economic crime against the verdict, director of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, the accounts of the former jail serving a four-year period based on the provisions of Article 341 Aqhoba.
According to a statement of the Commission responded to the Twilight News, that a convicted fugitive committed a deliberate contravention of functional powers, having held a government job (IRCS accounts) director in the contract between the Assembly and a private sector company included maintenance and rehabilitation (34), a car belonging to the association. The Commission noted that the convicted earlier on adoption documents is a fundamentalist and see him off exchange transaction contract amount if his signature and before implementation, and not deducting stamp duty, indicating Exchange convicted Contract amount of (300) full million dinars before the implementation of the second party obligations contained in the contract.