Initiate dialogue on the Falkland Islands between Britain and Argentina

Dialogue on the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) of Britain and claimed by Argentina addresses especially the resumption of flights to the archipelago and oil exploitation began.
In an e - mail revealed the Argentine newspaper "Clarin", British Prime Minister Theresa May suggested to the Argentine head of state to resume flights to the islands across Argentina, and these trips stalled since 1982.
And flights bound for the archipelago is currently operated by the Chilean airline (because) by Chile and whirls over Argentina because of restrictions imposed by Bionos Aires in its airspace.
It may also crossed and hoped the lifting of sanctions imposed by the former Socialist government of President Cristina Kirchner on oil companies operating in the Malvinas.
British Prime Minister has said it hopes to enter the relations between the two countries "fruitful stage."
The Foreign Ministry confirmed the Argentine Susana Malcorra this exchange of letters between May and president Mauricio Macri. It said in a statement : "We started talking about the possibility of resumption of flights and we will try to find a way to do that."
She Malcorra candidate for the post of Secretary General of the United Nations that the United Kingdom would like to "study the law on hydrocarbons and our organs considering this matter."
Falkland away 400 km from the coast of Argentina and 12 thousand and 700 kilometers from London.
And still claimed by Argentina, after more than thirty years on the flash between them and Britain 's war , which lasted 74 days in 1982 and resulted in about 900 deaths are 469 Argentine soldiers and 255 British and three islanders.