Trump: Obama's founder Daash Clinton and his partner ..

Accused Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, the current President of the country, Barack Obama, founded Daash terrorist.

He said Trump, on Wednesday, at a meeting in Florida, "Obama is the founder of the organization Daash, and I could say that Hillary Clinton has a partner in it."

According to the newspaper "New York Times" reported, the Republican candidate's controversial, he said that Daash Full beautiful for Obama after "founded."

Trump returned to the description of his rival , Democratic Bamahtalh, accusing Obama to deliver the Middle East to what is now a mess of it.

Trump and subjected to a torrent criticism recently, after he said that on supporters to take up arms to move their part to help prevent the arrival of his rival to the presidency.

He accused Clinton of trying to follow the selection of judges in the Supreme Court, to impose its point of view regarding the right of possession of weapons in the country.

Obama and Trump criticizes turn, he has previously said that the Republican candidate will be able to access to the White House, because the American presidency "serious job ,
" he says.