Karbala , 450 billion dinars city businesses and government calls for activating the "visitor dollars . "

08/11/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 60

Karbala / Tarek Jaafar

Local government Karbala confirmed, on Wednesday, said the financial obligations for companies implementing projects of up to about 450 billion dinars, and criticized the lack of interest by the central government requirements to maintain, as called for activating the "dollar visitor" project, stressed the need to pay attention to tourism and to find alternative sources to overcome the financial crisis in the country.

The deputy governor of Karbala, Ali Mayali, in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "the province received $ 33 billion dinars, just out of 112 billion dinars allocated a counterbalance to 2015," adding "you do not receive any money from the budget of 2014 and 2016 so far ".
He Mayali, said that "there is a real financial commitments to maintain up to about 450 billion dinars executing projects for companies that exceeded completed the 50% rates," adding that "the province suffer from the absence of any other financial source of funding, as well as the revenue local public shortly too does not exceed 600 million dinars a month. "

For his part, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Karbala, Ali al-Maliki, in an interview with (long-Presse), that "the balance of Karbala for this year amounted to 54 billion dinars, according to some information received by us verbally of both the House and the minister," noting that "the province relies now the domestic and imports collected by the trucks of construction materials, which provide only a very small part of the requirements. "

Maliki said, "The financial crisis has caused major problems, including stop hundreds of important projects", criticizing the "lack of central government attention to the demands and requirements of Karbala as the city receives millions of visitors over the days of the year."

Maliki stressed, "the need for the government to go attention to tourism and provide requirements to be a source of financial revenue compensates the financial crisis caused by the fall in oil prices", calling for "activating dollars Visiting Project Grants maturity."

The Krblaiaon officials, have declared in (the first of February 2016), the suspension of service projects to maintain that link dues to a hundred billion dinars due to the financial crisis, while accusing the local and federal governments preceding the publication of projects "at random" and the implementation of some of them about "inverse lousy," revealed for the administration of the province negotiate, (108 km south of Baghdad), with some companies to convert the unfinished ones to direct implementation of its circle.

The province of Karbala administration, had announced (26th of June 2015 the past), received the first installment of its budget for 2015, indicating that, including temporary contracts salaries and wage arrears Aleomaon, as indicated it would grant 10 percent of the project contractors dues, confirmed that the financial obligations front companies and contractors amounted to about 94 billion dinars.

The governor of Karbala, Akil Turaihi, said in (the 24th of January 2015 the past), that the maintenance budget, "very few", pointing out that the amount of 112 billion dinars, not enough of what you need from the strategy and services projects, and criticized the government's method of calculating maintain the balance the basis of the proportion of the population, confirmed to start in consultation with a number of ministries to implement service projects.