Nechirvan Barzani, the Dutch Prime Minister: We need to support the expected exodus from Mosul
[Oan- Baghdad]
Search head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte security and political situation and the developments of the war to organize Daash.
The provincial government said in a statement Wednesday that "Dutch Prime Minister stressed during the meeting, that the basic message of his country is supporting the people and government of the Kurdistan region in the face of terrorism and gave his thanks and appreciation on behalf of his country for the Peshmerga forces of the victories achieved by the wars and the battles against terrorism , stressing the his continuation in the training of the Peshmerga forces and provide for their needs. "
Mr Dutch Prime Minister hailed the arrival of Arbil yesterday evening at the head of a diplomatic and military delegation , " the role of the people of Kurdistan and their position in the reception of large numbers of displaced people fleeing from the oppression of terror , "saying that" his country is trying earnest with all European countries to help the region and support humanitarian to aid displaced people, and wished that includes the development of relations between the two sides many areas, especially with regard to the last developments in the agricultural sector , "noting that" the consulate Dutch can play an important role on this issue. "
for his part, thanked the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Visit Dutch Prime Minister and his country 's support humanitarian and military to the Kurdistan region and talked about the problems facing the region, including the war against terrorists Daash and the arrival of large numbers of displaced people to the region and the financial crisis, and among that friendly countries can help the region to get rid of these problems. "
In another part of his speech spoke Barzani according to the statement , "about the battle to liberate Mosul backed terrorists Daash and the participation of the Peshmerga forces in this war , and said the outlook suggest further displacement towards Kurdistan region , where it will be greeted and housed above the provincial power," and urged "friendly countries to help the region in this matter," he said . " readiness of the provincial government for the development of bilateral relations with the Netherlands in all areas, especially the agricultural sector. "
the Dutch prime minister arrived Tuesday to Baghdad on an official visit during which he met with Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and discussed with him ways of cooperation between the two sides and enhance mutual security cooperation, and visited after the evening Kurdistan region.