Abadi: the world grasped the seriousness of Daash and will celebrate its end in Iraq soon [Extended]
[Where - Baghdad]
said Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, said on Wednesday that " the world grasped the seriousness of Daash terrorist gangs, and we will celebrate the end of these bands soon."
He said al - Abadi, during his speech at the Second International Conference psychological and media operations to counter Daash, the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was that " the psychological and media war is an important part of the battle we achieve victories them militarily they are trying to exploit all the weapons , including the psychological and media war to cover up defeats, taking advantage of situations difference in us for continuing, and there are those who help her in this matter. "
and stressed that" the liberation of Mosul and the end of military Daash is near and we shall soon be done , "he said , adding" some are trying Tojerna about the battle of Mosul and we caution them , "pointing out that" the world Absorb dangerous Daash gangs currently stands with us . we are fighting terrorism for our people and our country at the same time we defended the countries in the region if we let Daash without a fight for reaching to the Persian Gulf and all countries. "
He noted that" the fatwa Sayyed Sistani jihad Ulkipaia made ​​our immunity from Daash and this immunity It is not found at the rest of the countries , "stressing that" Daash logo as lingering expands we converted to transient and dissipated, and this is thanks to the arms of our heroes in the battle fronts of the army and police and to mobilize my people and the sons of the tribes. "
He was surprised at the" fashions that resound whenever came advisors and foreign trainers to Iraq, " stressing that "the fight are our children and there is no foreign fighters, but our troops need to be trained and this helps us in building our organs and in the battles against terrorism."
He said the Prime Minister that "we continue to fight corruption and will not tolerate it , and there are the owners of high voices who are trying this sounds mixing Securities and coverage on their corruption and weaken the government, but we will not allow them because they were the cause of the collapse of the Iraqi army divisions Daash and occupation of large areas of our territory. "