Is it backfired ???
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    Is it backfired ???

    (OP-ED) Is it backfired ???

    Iyad heavenly after the decision of the Iraqi judiciary for the release of House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and close the case against him under the public right complaint for lack of evidence, regardless of the speed of the judiciary in issuing his decision in this case, but certainly and hard that the judiciary did not stand on the probative evidence to prove the involvement of the President of the House of Representatives accusations addressed to him by defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi in the second questioning session,

    even if the defense minister has such probative evidence which were introduced before the House of Representatives during the questioning session to substantiate his claims and convince the MPs this accusations, and go a lot of political observers and those interested in Iraqi affairs,

    noted that the Iraqi judiciary will come out a compromise resolution does not condemn the party at the expense of the other party, as happened in the House of Representatives crisis lends itself to resolve the crisis by political means between the parties and on the way (Boss uncle boss uncle), and those who stand with the opinion of specialists and observers of Iraqi affairs spring from past experiences in handling the Iraqi judiciary with the hot political events, and this is true to a large extent, the Iraqi judiciary has been dyeing this dye compromise, possibly due to the nature of the head of the Supreme Judicial Council compromise that left a clear mark the Iraqi judiciary,

    but I see that the situation is quite different in this case, and I think that the decision of the Iraqi judiciary to close the case against Salim al-Jubouri, is only a prelude to the conviction of the defense minister on charges of defaming the President of the House of Representatives and install the corruption charges raised against him in the first Alastjwaben and second, most of these fixed charges and unequivocal evidence,

    no matter how conciliatory the Iraqi judiciary, it can not Tmtmh these charges supported by documents and evidence probative, especially after he leaked the facts of the first interrogation carried out by MP Hanan al to the media and the public hearing.

    It seems during the course of events that the scenario he wanted the defense minister to raise the street and the Iraqi public against the President of the House of Representatives and the charges stick corruption him, had turned against him, or, as they say that the magic has turned against the magician,

    failure to possess and defense minister of any physical evidence to prove his accusations, even if correct, with proven evidence of corruption against him and raised in the first Alastjwaben and II, confirms that Tmtmh scenario Thread will not do this time, nor should the Iraqi judiciary to convict corrupt and at least one with this huge amount of corruption, to absorb the anger of the street to the corruption and looting of public money,

    you will not be able to Attorney General after the scandals and corruption that continues to slumber and closes his eyes for this waste of public money, especially after the informed public opinion on the documents the irrefutable evidence presented in the first Alastjwaben and II, issue of questioning of the Minister of defense has turned to the issue of public opinion and caused the creation of a state frenzy and discontent, and a single spark is enough green and the ground to burn, and then he says the popular saying (ylhak on the crushing dismay of kinship).

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