FAO on the cusp of the big investment Bklv exceed $ 6 billion

Last update: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 - 11:00

Basra Saad Al-Sammak Baghdad Janan al-Asadi part of efforts to strengthen the financial resources of the country and supplement the budget with money extra and maximize reliance on projects in non-oil, discussed the National Investment Commission during a joint meeting of the second held with local Basra administration and representatives from the ministries of transport and oil implementation of the port of Faw formats, in a time when the General Company of Iraqi ports began the first phase of the rehabilitation of the port of Khor Al-Zubair at a cost of $ 300 million within the Japanese loan.

Chairman of the Basra Governorate Council Albzona morning, said the "morning" to provide a group of companies competitive bids to invest port at a cost of more than six billion dollars, adding that the government of Basra called for the need to speed up the assignment of this project implementation.

He explained that the meeting deliberated the three proposed investment formulas, the first known system bot any special administration and the second bbot a common management system, and the third version are limited to the management system, noting that the meeting concluded to give companies competing for two weeks to make a detailed presentation of the subject so that the views of relationship studied in detail, as well as the formation of a committee to take it upon themselves to put new investment map of Basra and display where the major investment opportunities, as well as a review of the current opportunities for the purpose of preparing for transmission on sober business-qualified business.

This stone lay the groundwork for the project port of Faw in April 2010 at a cost of speculative of around 4.6 billion euros, while the estimated capacity of 99 million tonnes per year to be one of the largest littoral ports on the Arabian Gulf region, because it will serve as a transit for transporting goods from Japan China and South East Asia to Europe via Iraq, paving the possession of the country's largest dry ports Balm.ostmrara to improve the overall situation ports to upgrade the country's economic, Media General Company of Iraqi Ports, director Anmar Abdul Moneim net "morning" direct the first stage of the development of the port of Khor Al-Zubair revealed at a cost of $ 300 million within the second phase of the Japanese loan, as it includes an increase depths and create debris basins and rehabilitation of some sidewalks and power lines, water systems and rain.

Safi said the Japanese loan Authority and Organization (JICA) Smta, include the creation of 35 new berths added to the sidewalks of existing of the 49 berths road map for the development of Iraqi ports, down to 2035, pointing to the German companies and a Filipina and local implementation of three new berths while seeking to raise 10 Other sidewalks to investment.

It is said that the government had already agreed in 2013 on a proposal by Japan for the development of ports and power plants in Iraq, through soft loans worth a total of $ 1.24 billion, with the completion of the first phase of this project over the past year after the rehabilitation of the port (Umm Qasr ) at a cost of $ 255 million.