The parliamentary health Yarmouk hospital incident report presented to Parliament tomorrow.

2016/8/10 15:30

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} announced the Parliamentary Commission on health and environment report view Yarmouk teaching hospital incident at House hearing on Thursday, citing "report will include direct penalties for negligence towards the incident."

Good health Committee Member said the videotape of an agency {Euphrates News} said Wednesday that his Committee had visited the headquarters of the incident and investigations by security forces of the Ministry of the Interior and the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of health, pointing out that "these actors working to prepare a complete report on the incident and its causes.

"A defect and negligence in the hospital," stressing "the need to know the causes of default and that led to the fire and investigation of this incident."

"The report of the Committee on health will present tomorrow for presentation to the House of representatives and we will need to redirect penalties for delinquent and neglected in this incident."

The speaker was Selim Jabouri, Wednesday described the incident in the Yarmuk hospital with "tragedy", stating that the "tragic flaw" ending Yarmouk are clearly explained in the level of services provided to sick and wounded "," health and environment committees and human rights monitor Yarmouk hospital fire and expedite the preparation of a detailed report on the incident.

The Health Ministry announced by AVL Ahmed Al rudaini {Euphrates news} this morning about the death of 11 baby preterm after a fire at the Yarmuk hospital in Baghdad, indicating that a fire broke out Sunday night in the women's section and premature lobby arrived, indicating that the fire broke out due to the electrical contact by the first civil defence investigation.