Bank stocks go up Iraq index at close

10 August 2016 02:34 pm

Live: market general index rose Iraq stock exchange at the end of trading Wednesday, pushing shares of the banks after their retreat today.

The General index rose 0.19% BA Vale at 561.51 point, won 1.05 points.

Banks contributed in pushing the index up today, rising 5.26% percentage of Mosul Bank, Middle East Bank shares rose 2.7%, as Iraqi bank rose 2.5%.

On the other hand, today's modern sewing retreats 4%, followed by the Gulf commercial bank 2.40%, and came in third in red list shares of insurance by 1.82%.

Today's turnover jumped to 1.79 billion shares, compared to 792.8 million shares yesterday, trading value rose to 1.07 billion dinars compared to 559.97 million dinars last session.