Integrity shows details of the procedures on the issue of questioning of Secretary of Defense.

2016/8/10 15:20

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} body integrity, revealed on Wednesday, details of procedures in questioning Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled Obeidi, described details of investigative procedures in the case.

The Commission indicated in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today "she summoned the Defense Minister and the speaker of the House and some current and former lawmakers and advisors in the House of representatives and staff in the Office of the President of the Council to listen to their words and answer questions about the allegations of Defense Minister {blackmail and bargaining} attributed to them".

"Complete codification of statements and check records, and to draw some conclusions based on the data available, the primary investigative representing each recommendation chart of competent judicial investigative author of SJC to complete certain actions on audit registrations, phone calls, incoming and outgoing messages to and from mobile phones who have been listening to testify."

"It is recommended that the possibility of hiring experienced art; for analyzing sound recordings and to report results to the experience," pointing to the importance of completing the investigations about the ownership of the companies mentioned by the Secretary of Defense, in terms of the names of its founders and directors Commissioners and shareholders in their councils, of which some were listed by the Minister or require the Rogun assignment or approval of contracts for processing or provide etc.

"With other data was first conceived composition Commission of integrity that there is reason for suspicion and mistrust in the actions of some named in the investigation, which found the facts attributed to them is cause for suspicion and mistrust, as well as being incompatible with the rules of professional conduct and career".

The Commission went on to say that "such actions were a cause to suspect extradited for acts and behaviour may involve influence and position; in order to get rich on public money which requires extensive investigation and investigation of listed by competent judicial investigative body to identify and validate the allegedly".

The Commission stressed "commitment to legal contexts and frameworks established by applicable law number 30 of 2011," indicating "receipt book from the competent judicial investigative body composed of the higher judicial Council requesting the assignment of priorities to theme by jurisdiction and judicial representatives of Sultan balhiah extension mentioned above in chapter subject decides to transmit the recommendations of the Commission of integrity with firsts subject to appropriate judicial investigative body."

And she considers the integrity had earlier announced that it will provide its preliminary data to judicial body composed in SJC; in order to complete the legal proceedings.

On Tuesday, the judiciary acquitted speaker Selim Jabouri of corruption charges against him.

The House was interrogated on August 1st being Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi.

During interrogation, Al-Obeidi, accused House speaker Selim Jabouri and Iraqi forces Deputy Mohammed Al karboli of corruption in an arms deal, accused Deputy DG interviewer convert real estate file containing eight lawsuits against it.