The governor of Basra: Bureau of Consular Services received more than 180 treatment of the first opening day

2016/8/10 15:13

[Where - Basra]

The governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui, on Wednesday, that "the Office of the Secretary of State for Consular Services received since it opened more than 180 treatment."

He said Nasraoui in a speech during the ceremonial opening of the State Department's Office to provide consular services in the province of Basra, followed up by all of Iraq [where] that "the Bureau of Consular services received in a single day more than 180 treatment", calling for "the southern provinces to review the office and take advantage of its services ".

"The purpose of the opening of the office to be there are channels of communication with the six consulates in Basra province," pointing to "the opening of three new consulates, including Korea and the Netherlands," stressing that "these consulates will be a window of the commercial, cultural and social with other countries for the exchange."

He said the governor of Basra, said "the province is the only port of Iraq and the second largest Iraqi province of population growth hand and contain the second largest airport in Iraq, and more provinces that offer victims in the war on terrorist gangs and contribute to their children in the liberation of profane areas of Aldoaash."