Photo: Sadr followers recommends maintaining the reputation of Shiism

Recommended cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Tuesday, followed several commandments, including in a lengthy statement commemorating the departure of his father, "Mohammed Mohammed al-Sadr issued", calling for the need to adhere to "preserve the reputation of the sect (the Shiites)."
Sadr said in explaining the commandments of his father received in his statement: "to defend the doctrine at the level of both against the occupier or the threat of terrorism or any threat of imminent jihad against religion and doctrine." Shiite leader urged his followers to "the unity of the Muslim sectarian row and not to be sectarian things and get away from everything that causes religious and sectarian division." He called al-Sadr supporters to "improve the reputation of doctrine by moving away from everything that brings religion and doctrine notorious such as corruption, theft or incision necks and militancy ugly." It also called on them to "improve morals and leave all harm the reputation of religion and doctrine and reputation of morality", stressing that those who do not take the commandments that "I do not attribute Anassehm of the Sadrist movement." The group said it belonged to the Brigades militia of Sadr's peace published earlier video clip, cutting them off headers to show the number of people on suspicion of belonging to the organization, "State", chanting slogans during the slaughter process commends the chest. For his part, the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr denied that the Saraya peace be anything to do with the "criminal operations through Jun necks process taking place," saying that "an audiotape accusing arrived Saraya these laborers and he would later investigate and uncover the perpetrators." He called al-Sadr in a timely manner to "capture and hold the necks hurts or kills worshipers on behalf of Shiism and gave the seventy-two hour period to chase one of the thugs defectors from the mainstream and who has been proven guilty of terrorist crimes."