Doaash burning 20 young men inside Hawija

Announced a tribal leader in the Hawija Iraqi province of Kirkuk Tuesday that the organization of the Islamic state "Daash" burned 20 young men in custody has for refusing to join the ranks of the organization, stressing that the organization began to impose royalties and claim the admission of women to its ranks by force.
Said Sheikh Nayef al-Naimi, one of the dignitaries clan in Hawija, in a statement for "Alsumaria News" that "the organization of Daash burned 20 young detainees has in Bakara base in Hawija town," explaining that "the burning of these young people came on the back of their refusal to join the ranks its fighters. " Naimi added that "Daash impose royalties on the inhabitants of the region," adding that he "asked them admission of women to its ranks by force."