Central loans and difficult equation

Author: Yasser incumbent

8/10/2016 0:00

Facing developmental loans launched by the Central Bank of Iraq, amounting to more than six trillion dinars to finance projects of various kinds difficulty in reconciling their development goals and challenges faced in Altniv.kev?

Movement witnessed in the economic arena and of Bakdalorh illustrations of the mechanisms of implementation and targets organized by think tanks and agencies specialized segments of covered spawned a difficult equation which I have.

While the central bank initiative aimed at achieving developmental goals in the forefront of the revitalization production and service sectors , and the resulting address the unemployment crisis and reduce dependence on imported goods to reduce the depletion of foreign exchange and moving the market domestic product, highlighting the problem of implementation of fears legitimate non - recovery of loans and thus miss the target.

these concerns pushed for tighter exchange mechanisms which are legitimate also applied for guarantees looks absolutely impossible and this forms is based equation.

this dilemma is at the heart of direct delayed and slow lending , which is contrary to the goal of achieving an accelerated growth to stop the economic decline witnessed country. On the other hand if you go amounts of loans to non - targets is another problem,
one of the challenges are the implementing agencies of defaults concerns a problem list, this problem another node in the speed of lending.

I think those concerns are legitimate because it bears the loss of money and its goals allocations?

Touched during my participation in these seminars, workshops and most recently a workshop organized by the Higher Committee for lending to such forums advantage of significance being shed lights on the major challenges facing both sides of the equation the lender
and the borrower.

She drew my attention signal from a specialist on the repayment period and the rate of interest as the profit rate globally seven percent , so how the borrower to achieve viability and the signal received by the Supreme Committee chaired Aestbrq thorns and the presence of the President of the advisory board and promised to study them.

recap Thread slow implementation and fears remain difficult equation under the legislation need modernization and the need for more important to deepen the culture of law and to impose his authority and others remain equation is very difficult and the program is threatened by failure.