Basra declares the approval of the Ministry of Oil on the social benefits of the exchange after a week

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Information Office of the Governor of Basra, announced Tuesday that the oil ministry agreed to launch for Basra, amounting to $ 35 million in social benefits as early as next week, noting that it came after waving conservative to prevent the movement of foreign oil companies in the province.

The office said in a statement: "Economy News" received a copy of that "local government in Basra has reached an agreement with the Oil Ministry to launch social benefits owed by companies licensing rounds starting next week, to be spending such sums on service projects is vital in districts and areas with focus on the most affected areas of oil projects, "noting that" the agreement was reached in light of the meeting was held yesterday in Baghdad in the presence of governor Majed Nasraoui and head of the provincial council and the morning Albzona senior agent for the oil ministry Fayyad good grace. "

The office pointed out within the statement that "The meeting also resulted in an agreement on investment of two oilfields two rivers Omar and Artawi according to oil formula versus reconstruction, also agreed on the opening of the Institute in the province take charge of the unemployed to qualify them for work in the oil companies, as well as had been agreed that the ministry continues processing of material (asphalt) for use in paving and paving the streets preservation projects, "adding that" a joint committee of the local government and the Ministry of oil was formed to follow up the implementation of what was agreed upon by the two parties during the meeting. "

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