Karbala put investment opportunities exceed $ 10 billion92 Show Last update 8-9
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Thread: Karbala put investment opportunities exceed $ 10 billion92 Show Last update 8-9

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    Karbala put investment opportunities exceed $ 10 billion92 Show Last update 8-9

    Karbala put investment opportunities exceed $ 10 billion

    92 Show Last update: Tuesday, August 9, 2016 - 11:45

    investment project for a new city in Iraq to domestic and overseas investors, a new city of Karbala Investment first integrated city outside the old, supportive and complementary Native City and new functions all it takes modern development, which is based in the determination to the Iraqi heritage in the Arab Islamic architecture and consistent in its implementation with what we have reached another construction technology.

    Attract tourists

    The project is designed Engineer Adel Aziz al-Hindawi said the new city and found to overcome many limitations, including the high cost of land within the mother city center congestion and the lack of good Mtnevsat worthy Pavoaj their rising numbers of religious tourism continuously and to create a new attraction for tourists the world through a new city that provide comfort for the tourist element, pointing that the project site is approximately 10 km from the Karbala city center and built on 5,700 acres, the project was presented to the commissioners reference and became there a kind of encouragement and optimism in this subject and verbally that the parties concerned will do its utmost to ensure the success of the project because it is a service to the province and the country . Integrated city

    He said al-Hindawi said in an interview «morning» that integrated the new city with all its requirements and provide 128 investment opportunity and deal with old problems, noting that the cost ranging between 9-12 billion dollars, has completed all the procedures and plans and we got to scratch and was put forward to the local and foreign investors for the purpose of starting the implementation of the project.

    He stressed that the project is different from other investment projects in Iraq because of the contained harmony between the designer and supervisor of the local government and access to a shared vision and a reversible reality if the Arab Islamic architecture different from the architecture from abroad. The National Investment Commission blessed the project designs are carried out accurately and in an exemplary manner come out in full.

    Financial powers

    The head of the parliamentary Economic Committee Jawad al-Bolani said that a project of this scale needs to be financial and administrative powers of the highest authorities, while stressing the governor of Karbala Aqeel Turaihi that all sides concerned in the venture has given assurances to investors to work in this city and be completed to be a new architecture center in Iraq and achievement It can be described as significant in the city visited by millions of visitors each year and the numbers are rising steadily.

    Adel Hindawi returned, adding that the project is complete will be implemented by investors, as is the case with Dubai and investment in Egypt, Singapore and more countries around the world, noting that in this pilot project we have created modern solutions for streams and an end to their problems in the last technology they reached this area science in the world, explaining it an investment opportunity entirely from wages design and supervision to all the services and infrastructure without any material resource drain state resources.

    Investment opportunity

    He said it is a new investment experience in Iraq, led the holy city of Karbala in partnership with the designer consultant and supervisor of Iraqi Office (AST Advisory Group) In the case of start-up certainly will be circulated to all the cities of Iraq, which suffers from the same problems as experienced by Karbala in general. Islamic Museum

    Hindawi between the city of Medan Prime distinctive modernist lacking in the cities of Iraq, as well as the highest skyscrapers of bricks Malls and the largest in the Middle East in terms of area and events, and the first and largest Banoroma building to the incident tuff in Iraq and the Muslim world, also has the largest Muslim Library in Iraq and the region as an area of ​​as much as four football pitches high-Islamic style and includes a home for books and manuscripts Dara and the role of the lesson, reading and book fairs permanent and temporary.

    Great hall and multi-purpose halls in support of the province and the country and meetings of the Islamic world and the Islamic-year-old museum and museums, including specialized Almseskokat archaeological finds and the Islamic Museum.

    He noted that the new city include the creation of (cable) inside and (Taxi) rivers connecting the city sections of the external borders, and the construction of a subway in the city and hanging Metro linked with the old Karbala Center, also contain the heritage part on behalf of the state and is a replica modernly similar for part of the center of Karbala before Tahedimha in 1992, as well as Karbala international Fair, which rise to international exhibitions known in the world level and will serve as Iraq international Fair, with a construction area of ​​340,000 square meters convergence.

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