The Cabinet is looking for size reasons the human and material damage in the Karrada bombing {Extender}

2016/8/9 18:33

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} regular meeting held today, the Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Haider Abadi to discuss many current issues and decisions that are installed in its agenda.

According to a statement by the Prime Minister received {Euphrates news} "Cabinet briefed in detail on the recommendations and conclusions contained in the minutes of the Committee meeting the problem of verification in the technical and legal procedures followed in creating buildings that were damaged in the terrorist bombing in Karada and stand on the reasons that led to the breadth of the human and material damage and the availability of legal standards and controls on use of buildings, streets and the level of occupational safety measures.

The statement said the Cabinet "to support life in the marsh areas and provide schools and educational services and educational measures agreed to complete the construction of 130 schools in the marsh areas implemented in stages starting in 2917 and approve proposals of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and a note of auditing and financial control on the project.

The Cabinet decided to "authorize the Ministry of electricity transfer materials available in stores for investment projects for the purpose of conducting the necessary maintenance of the electricity system.
The Cabinet also agreed on joint cooperation protocols with Egyptian and Iranian sides on processing of edible substance, powdered milk for babies.

In the commercial and financial fields, the Council approved the draft law regulating the commercial Agency Bill and the Iraqi body count and transmit them to the House.