Council authorizes Babylon for Reconstruction Committee and the Department of electricity liquidation of the stalled projects

2016/08/09 17:49

Long-Presse / Babylon

Authorized the Board of Babil province, on Tuesday, the Committee on reconstruction and liquidation of the Department of electricity power projects stalled according to the decision of the Council of Ministers.

The Chairman of the Reconstruction Committee in the provincial council Ahmad Ahlgrebawi in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Babil Provincial Council discussed during its regular meeting held today, the subject of electricity projects stalled across the province and completion rates mixed," noting that "the Council authorized the Commission reconstruction and select circle of electricity power projects stalled for liquidation, according to the private cabinet decision to liquidate the stalled projects. "

For her part, Board Member of Babylon Fawzia Aljcami in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Council hosted during its meeting held today, electricity Babylon Ali Kazim, Director," pointing out that "the electricity director pointed to the presence of large amounts of the corresponding electrical materials specifications abandoned since 2011 in the department stores, represented by columns, wires and adapters. "

She Aljcami, that "has agreed to make use of those materials in the delivery of electricity to remote areas."