Integrity completed audit statement said the library staff one brother questioning Obeidi

2016-08-09 at 16:39

Baghdad scales news

Body integrity, completed Tuesday, take my statement two listed questioning Defence Minister Khaled Al-Obeidi.

The Commission explained that "the right money, write a statement Iyad Abdullah Juburi, Walid khammas," MBE "approach first Counsellor in the Office of House speaker Selim Jabouri, one of his brothers, while the second is an employee in his Office.

The Board had announced on Monday that it would provide provide their initial interrogation session data Defense Secretary to judicial body composed in SJC; in order to complete the legal procedures in the case.

Previously, House speaker Selim Jabouri to deny that he has a brother named Ayad Jabouri.

The Commission's investigators were inscribed on Thursday briefed Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi on raising accusations against a number of officials and members of the House of representatives and other persons at the hearing questioned in the House of representatives in early August, as well as concerns the testimony of both speaker Selim Jabouri and MPs Ahmad Al karboli and architectural student, former mp Haider Mulla, Haitham shaghati.

Supreme Judicial Council decided Tuesday, the lawsuit filed against speaker Selim Jabouri and release

Said judge Abdul Sattar bayrakdar Supreme Judicial Council spokesman that "investigative judicial body charged with investigating statements received accusations by Defense Minister during his interrogation session decides that the evidence obtained against the defendant Selim Abdullah Jabouri was inadequate, so I decided to release him and close his lawsuit based on article 130/b of the code of criminal procedure 23 of 1971."

The Federal judicial authority announced Tuesday, about House speaker Salim Al-Juburi's appearance before the investigative judicial body charged with investigating allegations received during the interrogation session Defense Minister Khaled Obeidi. "

The judicial authority said in a brief statement that "speaker Selim Jabouri, like, today, before the investigative judicial body charged with investigating the Defense Minister stated during questioning earlier this month.

The House voted Tuesday to lift the immunity of President Selim Jabouri at the request of the latter, in order to complete the investigations into accusations made in the interrogation session Obeidi