Transportation clarify public opinion Iraqi aircraft back to land at European airports

2016/8/9 17:00


The Ministry of Transport and sacrificed some of the facts of public opinion regarding the return of Iraqi Airways to land at European airports.

A statement by the Ministry of Transport Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Tuesday he was "in order to avoid the extension to prevent Iraqi Airways and the lack of the Iraqi Civil Aviation inclusion in general this ban, and because of the Civil Aviation Organization allow joint contract between states through the use of the protocol] international laws BIS 83 [and to achieve the highest safety and efficiency standards in aircraft operation and to provide support to the national carrier has been operating two Airbus-owned Iraqi Airways to remain under the ownership and registration of the company, but the follow-up matters of safety and operational security and the validity of the aircraft and the training of crews will be cooperation between the Iraqi civil Aviation authority The Turkish civil aviation authority and to allow the return of its aircraft and lines and brand, which represents the sovereignty of the country code to fly to all countries of the world, including the European Union ..

The statement pointed out that "the measure earlier of hiring foreign aircraft worth 12-13 million dollars a year for the purpose of implementation of those destinations caused direct losses led to raising the operating costs of the aircraft leased and stopped the company aircraft for work," adding that "this new action taken by the ministry was not a substitute for the lifting of the ban, but as we noted repeatedly that he advanced step towards the lifting of the ban and there is no other option in front of the ministry after he received several cautionary reports from official bodies which are urging lines need to improve their performance, otherwise it will be converted from an international carrier to the local bus. "

The statement added that "The ministry believes hold them of running Tairtaha Airbus by the Turkish airline will restore international organizations the confidence of the Iraqi aircraft, as well as the planes of all the international standards laid down by ICAO and IATA Ayasa of the technical and operational aspects and conditions of safety are met."

The statement pointed out that "therefore has been elevated warnings issued by the International Air Transport Association, and make sure there is exposure to the prohibition of the state regulator in the world in addition to reducing operating costs and retain Airlines everything related to the operating rights, marketing and sales complete with the exception of certain fees and revenues Avatar crew, maintenance and other aircraft and consumables, "he said." We draw the attention of everyone that Iraqi Airways were to return to the European airspace unless the expertise of well-known foreign companies. "