The Karbala Council vote on request to modify administrative boundaries and land availability


Karbala Governorate Council voted Tuesday on a resolution request to modify the administrative border of the province and land availability.

The speaker said Naseef Jassim rhetorical, in his on the social networking site, "the provincial Council voted during the regular meeting held today on a resolution request to modify the administrative borders of provinces and territories that have been deducted during the previous regime."

"The Council voted unanimously and boil the allocation of 15 million dinars to complete treatment for child [paperless quality] had to amputate a hand"

Noting that "the Board recommends UNHCR to distribute land to allocate a piece of land in the name of the child [Rukia] at the same time stressed the investigative Board and take the maximum penalties against negligence and if the performance of the provincial Council adopts legal advocacy against defaulting."