Abadi Economic Adviser Calls To Transform The Iraqi-Iranian Trade Relationship To Joint Investments

Iraq, August 9, 2016


The Economic Affairs Advisor of the Prime Minister, Modher Mohammed Saleh called the government to put a strong economic strategic to transform the relationship between Iraq and Iran from trade relations to joint investment relationship between the two countries.

Mohammed Saleh told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The Iranian market has become after 200 necessary for Iraq market, when Iraq opened more on Iran, because of the existence of freedom of trade, and lifted restrictions on Iranian goods, which get acceptance in general in terms of prices of vegetables and household goods and cars, "calling to transform this relationship from a commercial pour in the welfare of Iran's trade balance to a mutual investment relations serve the interests of the two countries.

The economic expert also stressed the need to organize trade with Iran in terms of the quality of goods coming into Iraq.

The Iranian ambassador to Iraq Hassan Danaiifar announced on Saturday the rising of non-oil exports of Iran to Iraq by 23 per cent, so Iran is the third economic partner of Iraq after Turkey and China.