Starting the work completed the line feed new peace station in Basra

2016/8/9 12:33

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} announced electricity distribution Meyssan, Tuesday, one Directorate General of electricity distribution business starting South completed the new secondary peace station feeder {33/11 kV} peace hand {40} West architecture.

The Director of electricity distribution/Misan Jassim rady, received mail {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "mlakatna engineering and technical implementation of the projects Department began work to complete the new secondary peace station feed path {33/11 kV}."

"The business is completed the nutritious {33 kV} outside of architecture expanded station {132/33 kV} and port regions development projects and unfinished due to the financial crisis towards peace and hand length {45 km}", stating that "the added dual line part circuit antenna length {1200 m}, where I will be pitching {47} latticed column with d meet along {500 m} other supplies as well as geographical," alluding to the "peace secondary station {33/11 kV} new stations {Schneider 4} which will Enter to work soon. "

He explained that the project comes within the General Directorate of electricity distribution South, within the possibilities with Directorate will work on {30} ", pointing out that" the aim of the project is to solve bottlenecks in the vicinity of the station ", noting that" the work on this project was under preparation for summer to ensure stable power supply to areas that are fed. "

The Directorate of electricity distribution/Misan earlier announced plan to resolve bottlenecks in the electric grid through some secondary stations and pipelines {33.} and {11 kV} with summer for densely populated areas.