Urgent Jubouri voluntarily submit a request to parliament to lift his immunity

2016/8/9 12:10

[Oan- Baghdad]

Parliament Speaker Salim al-feet Tuesday, voluntarily applied for the House of Representatives for their lift his immunity.

He said al-Jubouri, in his request, according to a statement his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that the right to lift the immunity of the Council and that this move came a desire to complete the investigation of a host of accusations launched against him and a number of MPs. "

He added that "This measure comes in accordance with Article 63 / II of the Constitution and Article 20 / II of the rules of procedure."

Urgent Jabouri heads to judicial authorities immediately after lifting his immunity.

2016/8/9 12:36

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} speaker Salim Al-Juburi went to judicial authorities immediately after his request for immunity was asked. That follows.