Integrity foil attempt to steal more than 19 billion dinars from Rafidain Bank

2016-08-09 at 12:44

Baghdad scales news

Fair body, announced Tuesday, about thwarted attempts to steal the value of 19 billion dinars from the Rafidain Bank.

The Commission said in a statement/balance of news copy, "the criminal court competent to consider issues of integrity of the convicted sentenced in absentia is one of the clients of Rafidain under State prison six years based on the provisions of article 444/11/31 of the Penal Code."

The statement added that "the defendant to try to steal (19,300,000,000) 19 billion وثلاثمائ million of Bank funds.

He continued, "the condemned try steal Rafidain by editing an instrument to calculate the invitee (z k m) is a native, bank customers off electronic National Bank and Rafidain Bank branch President, discovering the lack of balance in the calculation of a convict (h. c.)."

And, that "the decision came after the warrant of arrest and the investigation of convicted and remand supported on movable and immovable assets in the investigative stage