The establishment of an electronic intelligence unit to detect terrorist financing

2016/8/9 12:12

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The Australian government said on Tuesday it was founded and electronic intelligence unit to detect terrorist financing and money laundering and financial fraud on the Internet, because of the threats "unprecedented" national security.

This embodies one of the goals of the conservative Malcolm Turnbull prime minister, who was re-elected narrowly in the last month, after his pledge to improve cyber security and the economy based on the most advanced technology.

And keep track of the new unit the Australian Centre for reports and analyzes, a center tracking the funds and funding path.

The Minister of Justice Michaelkeinan it would investigate in the areas of electronic payment online financial anti-money laundering and criminal networks and crime.

Keenan said in a statement, "We know that the use of false identities is still a major means to open the door to serious and organized crime and terrorism."

The statement pointed out that the new unit will cooperate with belonging to the Governments of Australia and New Zealand concerned with identity cards services, so as to monitor the employment phantom operations used by criminal gangs to recruit innocent people in order to transfer funds between different regions.

"Reuters" reported earlier that the major Australian banks' decision to stop providing remittance service to the outside, pushing many to resort to transfer money through secret channels, which makes it more difficult for authorities to monitor.

In February Aketrun unidentified hackers tried to steal about one billion dollars from the Central Bank of Bangladesh at the Federal Reserve Account [US central bank] in New York, and succeeded in converting $ 81 million to four accounts at the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Services in Manila.