Abadi plans to put forward three candidates for each ministry to parliament soon

Views 73 08/08/2016

House of Representatives awaiting the arrival of the new cabinet reshuffles, "" Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi; to study; in preparation for a vote in parliament.

According to leaks that the prime minister intends to put forward three candidates for each ministry names are selected after negotiations with the political blocs. Provided that the "efficiency" are essentially standard in filtration.

In this regard, MP for the coalition of state law, Haider Mawla says the parliament awaiting a list of the names of the Prime Minister "substitutes" for those who have resigned or sacked minister.

He adds in an interview with "New Morning", "The Abadi will present three candidates for each Zarh- with Almatah- walked to the House of Representatives, to be read and see them as a prelude to display a vote within the dome of the House of Representatives."

He called on the prime minister to the Lord "to choose a professional, efficient and able to manage the ministries in the subsequent stage names, in addition to the importance of the fast advance of the arrival of the names, until a minister bench duties."

His colleague in the coalition of state law, Sheikh Ahmed Taha Ali, says that there are discussions taking place between the political blocs on the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle, according to the announcement by the Prime Minister. "

He adds in an interview with "New Morning", "The Prime Minister announced on multiple occasions for MPs, it is the process of selecting efficient management capable of managing the ministry."

Stressing the importance to have it, "in coordination with the political blocs, in order to be a successful process of change and win the vote in parliament."