"Red tape and corruption," to hinder the advancement of the private sector and the government to bring about austerity and resort to "pentagonal committee"

Author: AB, MJ
Editor: AB, BK

08.08.2016 18:37

Long-Presse / Baghdad
State Committee complained to promote the private sector, on Saturday, not to apply the strategy to develop the sector and "parked on the shelf" because of "red tape and corruption," and accused the forces of "seeking to dominate the state's economic activity completely," While the financial advisor to the Prime Minister attributed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh not to apply the strategy to "the financial crisis and entrenched mindsets and laws worn out," revealed a new economic study undertaken by "a pentagonal committee" and recommendations to re-activate the previous committees.

A member of the Commission for the Advancement in the private sector, on behalf of Jamil Antoine, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The committee set up by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to promote the private sector, it has provided an integrated strategy approved at the Council of Ministers, and it was decided that the committee is working on the follow-up implementation "noting that" the fate of the strategy was not significantly different from its predecessors corner on the shelves because of bureaucratic red tape and deal. "

He said Antoine, "What carried out the plan on the ground did not exceed the launch of loans, which is still awarded slow and below the required level, because managed by non-professionals," returned to "the development of the private sector if it were a scientific and thoughtful way without affected the country down oil prices. "

A member of the Commission on the promotion of the private sector, "the lack of real political will and economic decision of an integrated implementation strategy for the private sector," and accused the forces of "hindering the development of the private sector, seeking to dominate the entire state activity and exploiting it to their advantage, stuffing the state departments millions of employees, to keep working randomly downtown corruption without the expense or control. "

He explained Antoine, that "the Prime Minister and former director of his office, expressed their happiness and gratitude to the committee after he made a thorough study to promote the private sector," noting that "barriers to implementation of the strategy behind them the forces of political corruption and minds do not believe in the role of the private sector, which is still It owns dues owed by the government, worth about 7 billion dinars, has not fulfilled so far, despite frequent promises. "

On the other hand the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in an interview said to (long-Presse), said that there were "several obstacles to the implementation of the promotion of the private sector, most notably the government bureaucracy and obstacles instructions and procedures, delayed for legislation of laws that's the strategy, especially in the presence of about a thousand law disrupt the transition to a market economy and affected the legislative role of Parliament Bsjal its members, "denying that" the government had neglected the development of the private sector plan. "

Saleh added that "the state's inability to finance the private sector as a result of the financial crisis and reduce the budget for the quarter was one of the obstacles, in addition to the other are remnants including economic openness and the conflict of wills that stands against reform and seek to keep Iraq asleep depends on oil import," noting "the market currently living in a state of deflation versus uncertainty and the reluctance of the private sector, which requires the application of policies leading to the activation of its role."

He noted the financial advisor to the prime minister, that "the Council of Ministers adopted a package decisions in order to stimulate the private sector in the field of agriculture, industry, tourism, investment and revitalization of public financial procedures, in addition to the central bank launched $ 6 trillion dinars to the private sector in order to attract and move the market," he admits. " hotfix package faces significant resistance from old devices and minds fossilized and obsolete laws and the environment lagging behind. "

And Saleh, that "the Council of Ministers recently launched an economic study by the Committee pentagonal operating from within the cabinet and deal with the Economic Commission which," revealing that "the Council has taken a quick recommendations represented reactivation of previous committees in the field of agriculture, industry and services, which parked its recommendations on the shelves, and activating the state-owned enterprises and simplification of procedures away from fantasy and endoscopy and confusion. "

He predicted favor, that "these actions to yield positive results in the coming weeks," returned to "the promotion of the private sector are not within a short time but it comes through the government's reform process, which requires completion consuming, and requires patience and the face of fierce opposition currents worn and legislation that stands deduced from economic reform and the promotion of the private sector. "

He was a member of the State Commission for the promotion of the private sector, on behalf of Jamil Antoine, had been charged in (the 26th of December 2015 the past), "co-conspirators" on the sector to "obstruct the work of the Commission and circumvent the decisions," While the predicted improvement in the Iraqi economy during 2016, It called on the government to provide necessary to restart the private sector labs supplies.