Electricity confirms successful career in the allocated number of areas of Baghdad and is preparing to circulate in the rest of the provinces

2016/08/08 18:03

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Confirmed the Ministry of Electricity, on Monday, the success of the "experience" of investment included privatize distribution sector and collection in some areas of Baghdad, for the purpose of electric power, processing and ensure the continuity of a 24-hour, and revealed the assignment of a number of other areas in the capital and other provinces, the Baghdad Provincial Council stressed that shares of the project in spreading the culture of rationalization and push circulating that experience.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher, in an interview with (long-Presse), "The ministry later diagnosed high Aldhaiat ratios in electrical energy are processed for the citizens, proceeded to divide the capital Baghdad, regions and provinces to the 180 area, to take control of those missing."

He said Musab, said he "was the conclusion of the first investment holding, within this plan in a number of area Zayouna shops, east of Baghdad," he said. "This experience has enabled the ministry to end the lost energy that was in the past up to 45 MW compared to processing 16 hours, in while processing has now reached the level to about 24 hours with lower loss ratios in the power supply and access to 35 MW, as well as get rid of the people of those areas from private generators. "

He pointed out the teacher, that "the investor is a body representing the Ministry of Electricity, in areas that have been forwarded in accordance with the new mechanism," revealing "the assignment of a number of new areas in the capital Baghdad and other provinces."

For his part, said chairman of the Energy Committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council, Saad al-Darraji, in an interview with (long-Presse), "The experience of the Ministry of Electricity within draft Zayouna the Mansour district in Baghdad, marked by success and contributed to spreading the culture of rationalization of electricity."

He Darraji, that "power cuts in the rest of the other areas of the province of Baghdad, that go into that experience, comes because of aging power grids and the large excess loads and high temperatures," stressing that "if what has been circulating that project to the rest of other cities, we will be able access to high processing rates. "

The Ministry of Electricity Project and is a further step to privatize the sector, after the approval of more than one official in the current government, the inability to cope with the burden, "heavy" to perpetuate the work of the national system about the satisfaction of the masses.

The Ministry of Electricity announced, (the 16th of August now 2015), on the transfer station 17 to invest in the various regions of Iraq.