China vows to resume work in Galsah station in Samarra soon

2016/8/8 15:43

[Oan- Baghdad]

The Chinese ambassador in Baghdad and Chinng Chen, the Chinese company involved running Galsah station in the city of Samarra, south of Salahuddin province, will soon announce the resumption of its work and complete the remainder of the power production stage.

The confirmation came during a meeting with Chinese Ambassador at the Embassy Salahuddin Governor Ahmed al-Jubouri and general manager of projects in the Ministry of Electricity.

A statement by the governor's office, said al-Jubouri, "affirmed the readiness to maintain security for the reception of foreign companies after defeating Daash terrorist", adding that "a stable security 100%" Mtakafla "the protection of the Chinese company."

The governor of Salahuddin, said that "run Galsah station will give the production of energy by 1260 MW and in the case of the completion of the second operational phase, production will rise by 2500 MW and this is what we will produce enough to maintain our production from the nearby provinces."