Dhi Qar awaiting declared free of environmental contaminants

2016/8/8 15:07

[Where - Dhi Qar]

Waiting for Dhi Qar province declared free of environmental pollutants that the US-Iraq war left, and moved to outside the borders of the province.

He said the first deputy governor of Dhi Qar Adnan Aldechala in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "The Dhi Qar process entirely completed environmental pollutants and the disposal of the last three contaminated sites in the Electricity southwest networks, and transfer to a temporary quarry is about 50 km from the borders of the city of Nasiriyah. "

He Aldechala to "the arrival of a technical working group specialist by the Science and Technology under the supervision of Prevention Centre of radiation in the Ministry of Health and Environment and the Directorate of Dhi Qar environment, to conduct technical operations on contaminated parts of a whole and the completion of radioactive contamination in the province."

"The environmental scanning operations are ongoing and the local government in the continuous follow-up with the Environment Directorate for the purpose of getting rid of pollution and the effect of radiation caused by the wars that suffered to maintain throughout the era of the former regime."

He noted the deputy governor of Dhi Qar to "preparations that take place after the declaration of accession to the marshes to maintain the World Heritage list and prepare for the establishment of civil Nasiriyah airport and work to make the escalating pace of Dhi Qar, the focus of attraction for investors and tourists from around the world."