Iraq produces a cure for infections according to the international standards

2016/8/8 10:59

[Where - Baghdad]

General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies produced in Samarra, one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals formulations that research under a new global constitutional approved specifications.

He said the media center at the ministry director Abdul Wahid al-Shammari said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "Angels company was able to produce a new formulation for the treatment of skin infections Staphylococcus infections vancomycin Staphylococcus resistant to penicillin and ulcers associated with diabetes in the name of [Fusidisam Cresm 2% -15g] ", stressing" the importance of this product is being produced for the first time in Iraq is a matter of hope for the Iraqi citizens to get this drug product of good quality and favorable price and not to resort to a little higher than the imported efficiency and at exorbitant prices. "

He noted that "the company has produced ten thousand packets [15] g of the product sample research under the new packing system [Paquette + Bulletin]," pointing out that "the company has more than pharmaceuticals, which will be produced soon and put it in local markets to be true for cosmetics competitor imported. "

"The General Company for the pharmaceutical industry in Samarra revealed earlier for an increase in sales during the first six months of this year compared to what has been achieved during the same period last year and by the development amounted to 15% of that increase was the effect of adoption of new and well thought out policy marketing through the use of marketing outlets deployed in Baghdad and all the provinces and the implementation of an intensive promotional campaigns as well as direct and continuous coordination with government institutions, particularly the Ministry of Health. "

He concluded that "the company achieved sales exceeded 21 billion dinars in the first six months of this year."