Edit two areas in the center of Manbej

Managed fighters Military Council Manbej Monday morning, two areas in the Edit Manbej city center, from the control of "Daash" terrorist.
According to the news agency "Hawar" which tracks edit Manbej campaign and its countryside, that the Board of Manbej military fighters freed this morning , "revolving globe , " inspired by "Clerks" Manbej in the city center of terrorists "Daash."
She noted that the Council Manbej military forces continue to progress in the city center amid the outbreak of violent clashes between them and elements "Daash" terrorist.
The fighters Manbej applied toward the "revolving globe , " inspired by "Clerks" and Square transplanting, and held strong confrontations between the two sides in these neighborhoods since yesterday morning, during which dozens of elements "Daash kill" and signed the bodies of seven of them in the hands of Manbej forces, which also seized quantities of weapons.