Warning of Daash pumping oil in the waters of the Tigris

He warned a member of the Council of Nineveh province, the risk of the Tigris River water pollution caused by the feet (Daash) terrorist to pump more oil to it.
Ali al - Khudair, said that "Daash polluted river water after he extended a pipeline to the bank of the Tigris River near Qayyarah oil refinery and open", located in the refinery of the same name south of the city of Mosul , Nineveh province.
He added that the goal of the organization is the destruction and burning of the floating military bridge, set up by the Iraqi army , the middle of July; and through the pumping quantities of oil in the waterway, which helps to form an oil slick is a campfire out, and then burned the bridge that comes into contact with water.
However , the local administrator Nevertheless, the attempt failed due to the long distance between pumping oil in the waterway of the river and the bridge site; which ultimately leads to differentiate spot blobs and spread, often difficult of caught fire, and the Khudair that these oil spills , "her other environmental risks. "
A member of the Nineveh provincial council, also warned of the "Daash" to pump oil in other regions through which the Tigris River , such as the city of Tikrit (160 km north of Baghdad), and other cities, pointing out that it will cause a stop located on the banks of the river drinking water purification projects.