Chad: President Deby's inauguration for a fifth term amid great tension

Chadian President Idriss Deby officially assume his duties Monday for a fifth term in an atmosphere of extreme tension in the country the day after the killing of demonstrators Sunday in N'Djamena, following the election and described the opposition as "the kidnapping of an electoral process."
The inauguration will be in a big hotel in N'Djamena in the presence of the heads of a dozen African nations and other invitees including French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Odrian. And it announced that the opposition called for demonstrations in recent days, to be a Monday day "dead city throughout the land" on the occasion of the inauguration of Chadian Deby. The Idriss Deby, who came to power following a coup in 1990, the president was elected for a fifth term of the first session of about sixty percent of the vote, ie, far ahead of his opponent in favor Kibzabo (12.7 percent). The object Kibzabo other candidates were defeated in the ballot result which they call "the kidnapping of an electoral process." And 29 political parties gathered at the end of July on the six candidates were defeated in the presidential ballot to form the "new opposition front to rotate and change." On the eve of the inauguration ceremony of a young man killed in an opposition rally Sunday. And a police officer said on condition of anonymity, told AFP Sunday that the young man was shot dead while Chad was pretending in N'Djamena at the invitation of the opposition and the "tearing the banner of the national movement to save" the party of President Deby. For his part, the leader of the opposition in favor of Kibzabo said the young man died of his wounds after the "security forces firing real bullets" to disperse the demonstrators. He added that another young man "was shot in the chest" and was taken to the hospital for an operation. But an independent source did not confirm the injured young man second. He said he was Kibzabo disperse the demonstration, first with tear gas. But a number of activists was "very angry" returned to the streets braving police intimidation and confrontation took place. The opposition announced Friday it had filed a complaint on charges of "high treason" against the Chadian president. It has pointed specifically to the "seized power through violence," and "a serious violation of human rights" and "misappropriation of public funds and corruption." The opposition asked the international community to recognize the "authoritarian nature" system Idriss Deby. They take on France in particular the former colonial power to overlook the "human rights violations" in the Western-allied in the fight against Boko Haram Islamic country. It includes N'Djamena, the French leadership of the military operation against the headquarters of barchan jihadist groups in the Sahel region.