Unemployed Army explodes in the face of Iraqi government

Protests showed that hundreds of unemployed participated in all the work of graduates of universities in the Iraqi province of Basra, "as much pressure muffler" is expected to explode in the face of the Iraqi government for reasons of access to employment and services, especially in the cities of the south.
Several hundred residents of Basra province Sunday on a road leading to the sites of foreign oil companies to demand jobs for the unemployed with the wallets of the richest oil fields in the country. The suffering of Basra, which is considered the country's economic lung of a significant lack of services and high level of unemployed due to rampant corruption in state institutions. The protesters cut off the road leading to my company, "BP," the British and "Eni" Italian sites, in the Zubair field and prevented employees from accessing their sites, carrying banners reading "graduates and unemployed." Protesters chanted slogans including "Zubair oil thieves stole him away." Riot rapid response and oil police forces have clashed with hands and offers a dozen protesters were beaten and arrested. He said Ahmed Hassan al-Tamimi is a 29-year-old who holds a degree in Computer Engineering 5 years and has been unemployed since "We came out today and the way we have come and we will continue to protest until our demands and we can achieve the largest organization of this event in the coming days."
And politicians in Iraq tried to cover up the problems, including the problem of unemployment, and political crises which is dominated by sectarian character, but that coverage can not stand the young people need to work in order to live in dignity. But unemployment is not a new phenomenon in Iraq after 2003, it has resulted in corruption, the so-called "aliens" who are registered staff on the payroll is to have a real presence in government institutions. And taken unemployment to start a sectarian aspect, but that appearance was soon erased to include everyone unemployment, Sunnis and Shiites. He was introduced only work before the Shia youth is to join the militias, the popular crowd, which is being promoted even after it was discovered that enthusiasm were not physical maturity level. This is because the salaries in the crowd are also subject to a degree of kinship and patronage and satisfaction to participate in the crowd parties. Iraq has pledged to shut down the nominations for ten years to come after the agreement entered into by the government with the World Bank for a financial loan.