Luring investments neighboring countries

8/8/2016 0:00

Thamer Alheims

announced that the Energy Committee of the Council of Wasit province early last July an agreement with the Iranian province of Ilam on the implementation of the delivery of liquid gas to the homes of citizens of the province project, extracted from the Ahdab oil field.

It has also Maysan province create a project (Durr) for the production of milk and milk products carried out by an Iranian company in terms of border Liberal, and these projects are not just economic projects (agricultural Ookhaddmah or industrial) , but is a model of the relationship with the neighbors , history and geography.

It 's also directly related to the investment as it promotes peace social between the two countries to become practical Collapse encouraging files for investment , whether from Iran Oobakah Iraq 's Arab neighbors.

the establishment of such projects provide much in freckles, most notably transport and movement between the two countries in the redeployment of the product or its raw materials when Turkish companies to open , for example , a project for the manufacture of furniture or dairy or poultry in Erbil or Kirkuk is no doubt he will be product for which less expensive because the transfer of the initial product material impact on cost reduction and the employment we usually will be less expensive because of the standard of living top of the Turks.

Perhaps the trade will be little affected following a drop in oil prices and the back up they do not pay dues war and its consequences, so Samay neighbors to review the nature of the business relationship and discuss the possibility of activating the agricultural sector or industry in compensation for Iraq 's losses commercially.

In light of this will not be the industrial and agricultural deal Livestock latter limit economic relations but will pay inevitably to improve the relationship theme of water as the Agricultural projects will be related to irrigation and drainage When Mosul flourish soon as a basket food or pills would be the ghost of desertification and drought Rivers has dissipated, to be renegotiated in the light of developments in the relationship (agricultural, industrial, new business).
the Arab countries , we have an extra element to the history and geography is that the Iraq Forum for economic and social homogeneity Some tribes in Maysan has relatives Arabs in Ahwaz, as well as Turkey and that Anbar has deeper relations with Jordan and Syria, while Saudi Arabia and Kuwait . They have closer relations with the border provinces in Basra there are real estate and common interests.

these social and economic ground historical its background constitute the mainstay of economic relations firm with neighbors as a reaction to what happened and is happening tensions have no place after the end of the crises the country Valsmoh , for example , is very close to Nukhayib and the pilgrimage route and qualify the provinces of Nasiriyah, Samawah to enter the Saudi investor , whether in tourism or fishing and the establishment of reserves to wells region and revive the Lake Sawa , so tourism is, whether through the pilgrimage continued and Umrah throughout the year, need a break centers or hotels near Lake Sawa historic Cather as well as ur effects and the Warka tourism extends to the marshes.

Perhaps Saudi Arabia is the best of the addresses for these projects for the exchange of common interests as it continues to trade continuous ..ohna sensitive except that adjusts our balance of trade with them through the exchange of experience in agriculture, industry and investment in

these projects either tourism or farming could extend to manufacture , for example , raw materials in the construction industry and even canning truffle Perhaps the Saudi capital or Kuwaiti assisted greatly to avoid investing in remote Maxima their control and economic and social relationship will be more transparent and the exchange of ideas to serve the orientations of the region in general so that the national security key factor and infrastructure investment loves the region 's economies and spins edges that are paying the price as a result of regional tensions in which the parties to invest outside the region such as wars acting.

The Kingdom Jordan , we have privacy in connection with it as it was and is the commercial Mnfzna basis (before and after 2003) as well as the presence of Iraqi capital where looking for opportunities to return to the motherland when they are shared or border at least advanced of our projects, and Jordan is a ring that can serve our business relationship with Syria and forgotten scientific and commercial expertise to the oasis of peace and stability in the region and the economic expanse between neighboring countries and riparian makes major countries are seriously considering reconsider Bstratejaat as long as they do not serve A