Deputy of the national parliament will question, "Abadi" in the absence of an end to the agency file
National Alliance MP, Fred Brahimi said, today, that the House would have a position on the non-end appointments proxy file summoned or questioned Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
He said Brahimi told {Euphrates News} Sunday that " the majority of members of the House of Representatives calling for an end to the administration proxy file because it is opening the doors of administrative and financial corruption that exists in the body of the Iraqi government and the nucleus of the state," noting that "the promises of the Prime Minister of this file in advance of previously but did not achieve this because of passivity on the general government. "
He explained that" the presidency of the parliament raised appointments proxy beginning of the current legislative term, especially hearing the first of it and demand its termination file, "he underlined obtain the support of the House of Representatives and the Front reform."
He noted that "in the event of delay to end the agency file will be held accountable government and it has to resign and then we will have Kprlman last position is to call and question {Prime Minister} on the grounds that the natural right of parliamentarians because the real seed of reform begins to address the files of corruption and one of its files is Manage your state acting institutions. "

he noted that " to maintain the status proxy for any Foundation is not held accountable and responsible for the failure to his foundation. "
the head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, al - Hakim called for an end to the phenomenon of appointments by proxy which will eliminate the deep state networks of corruption, calling for an administrative revolution in the joints of the state aimed at routine and move the economy forward. it is
noteworthy that, Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, called on 16 June last Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to the need to "take into account what has been passed from the reforms were approved in the House of Representatives unanimously by its members, including the end of appointment proxy file, which Maigtadha commitment to the new appointments" .anthy