Liberal bloc calling for "an immediate investigation" armament contracts concluded days Maliki government 08/06/2016 (21:01 pm) BAGHDAD / long-Presse
The member of the Liberal bloc and a member of the security committee of parliament, on Saturday, the central government to open "immediate investigation deals armament , " which was signed by the ministries of defense and interior in previous years.
He stressed Sadrist lawmaker on the need to call experts in financial and specialists things in integrity "to make sure the accounts concluding those contracts. " He attributed the reasons to open those files to reveal the facts and issues of corruption under the previous government of Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki.
The statements come days after the interrogation of the parliament Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi, included an charges against several parties , including the speaker of parliament, to mediate in the military deals.
The face of al - Obeidi, during a session interrogation, accusations to House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri and members of parliamentarians including Muhammad Karbouli and Muthana al - Samarrai , former MP Haider Mulla to "Msahumich appointments and try to pass the corrupt contracts. This prompted al - Jubouri to leave the parliament session before returning it threatened to resort to the judiciary.
linked to the Liberal bloc and its leader Muqtada al - Sadr , a close relationship with the Minister Khaled al - Obeidi, stands against the criticism of the last resort to hand Akhvqath in some files. He played deputies in the Sadrist bloc prominent role in aborting Alastjwaben who suffered a two - Obeidi at the hands of Naiptin Hanan al, which was conducted in late 2015, and high - Nassif conducted early this August.
in this context, the MP said Majed al - Gharawi, a member of the Liberal bloc and a member of the security committee of parliament, said that " the security and defense committee calling for the government to open an investigation fair and transparent in all previous contracts concluded in the ministries of interior and defense."
he stressed Ghraoui in an interview (long - Presse), " the need for the government assisted by experts in the Office of the relevant financial control departments body integrity to make sure that the final accounts of the two ministries."
the member of the Liberal bloc that " the aim of the investigation was to show the facts and expose the corruption that occurred in the previous government time , Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki. " in
turn, the National Accord movement demanded, on Friday, to hold accountable system of corruption in all state institutions and to bring the corrupt to justice. She called for changing the Electoral Commission, and stressed the need not to run this government elections , the opposite of what you want the forces of reaction and backwardness.
He said Zia rhomboid, official spokesman of the National Accord Movement , in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "we warned on more than one occasion that the continuation of corruption in the Iraqi institutions and doomed the risk virtually eliminate the political process, and further to these warnings , we asked the three presidencies to follow professional mechanisms impartially and to bring computational international firms auditing can detect corruption and accounting spoilers since 2003 and until now, and cut the road in front of tampering with government institutions and impoverishment of the people, which will lead to the emergence of a political disaster. "
He added rhomboid that" the accumulation of failures of the political process is beginning to reflect on the legislative institutions at a time when the Iraqi street , expressing anger requires respect not neglect , "stressing that" what happened in the Iraqi Council of Representatives , which is the highest legislative oversight authority of a heated exchange of accusations require a serious stand by everyone, led by the Iraqi judiciary through the opening of a high - level judicial inquiry includes all without exception and reveal the facts to the public and to bring the corrupt and their supporters to justice , and restore the money of the Iraqi people holy. "
The spokesman for the movement of Iyad Allawi that " movement renewed its demand to get out of the unknown and find a real solution , which is to form a government oversees the fair and free elections and the issuance of a modern election law embodies the health of representation and fairness. "
He stressed rhomboid on the need for " a new law for the elections and the change of the Electoral Commission and the government does not stand for election as opposed to what you want backwardness forces that have brought Iraq to what it is now. "