Activation of the memorandum of understanding between Iraq and Afghanistan terms of tourists

Sun, 07 Aug 2016 01:41:30

Baghdad _ news of the day

Proclaimed weslarh culture and tourism and archaeology, activated a memorandum of understanding with Afghanistan in the field of tourism.

The Ministry said in a statement today News Agency received a copy of it, "the Ministry's tourism Chief Mahmoud Abdul-Jabbar Al-Zubaidi, received in his Office in the Afghan Embassy Advisor in Baghdad Mohammed Zia, the two sides discussed ways of Tourism tourism totals terms in a visit to commemorate the forty days since the martyrdom of Imam Hussein Bin Ali [peace be] for the year 2016, and coordinate joint action between the two sides over the status of the work and the formation of a Joint Committee of relevant State institutions centralization and specialization with broad powers to resolve the Some points and notes that prevented the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two countries and facilitate the work between the two sides. "

Zubeidi confirmed the meeting said "serious Iraq tourism between the two countries totals terms under international safety controls."

Zubeidi pointed to the importance of setting up meetings and seminars for travel and tourism companies to the private sector to take part in providing decent services for visitors to the resting places of the imams unsullied in Iraq. "

Turning cultural relations department director Falah Hassan shaker of the importance of developing cultural relations between the two countries of Iraq and Afghanistan, setting up meetings and cultural writers and artists and intellectuals gathered to exchange cultural activities between the two countries.