South Electricity transporting loads Iranian line to the national grid

2016/8/7 15:14

[Where - Baghdad]

It quoted the Directorate of electric power in the south, on Sunday, the Iranian overhead line and turned it into a national power grid and maintenance Maholadtha manufacturing.

According to the Ministry of Electricity said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "engineering and technical staff in the Directorate-General for the transfer of power in the south completed its work redeploy loads Iranian line and converted into a national power and in order to remedy any emergency may occur as a result of the carry process and in order to ensure the continuation of citizens equipped with electricity and the stability of the system's work in light of the severe heat wave that swept the country. "

The statement pointed out that "workers in the maintenance of Qurna stations affiliated to the Directorate-mentioned section of its replace boycotted the session 33 KV transferred key in the manufacturing Hartha plant, which completely been damaged as a result of extreme high temperatures and increased loads resulting transferred from working out and scrambled Angels engineering and technical maintenance of the transmission immediately to the scene and managed to complete the work session boycotted replace with a new one and re-converted to work a short period of time. "