Iraq receives about two billion dollars from the International Fund loan year end

2016-08-07 11:14

Special balance news

Prime Minister's Adviser on Economic Affairs Mohammad Saleh appearance, Sunday, that Iraq receives about two billion dollars of the IMF loan by the end of this year. Noting that the rest of the payment will be received in the coming years.

He said, for the balance of the News/Iraq, during the current year will receive three installments of the IMF ", noting that" Iraq received from the first instalment loan fund early last month of $ 634 million remaining instalments will be received in the coming months, amounting to about two billion dollars. "

The Prime Minister added that "the loan fund allocated by priority where social priority because of the war against" Islamic State ", as well as the social exchange that include poor and ration and displaced persons Affairs, health and education, all those things have first priority in the Fund's programme, in addition to investment projects.

He fit, that "part of the social infrastructure includes projects such as water and electricity".