Maritime transport is preparing to create a floating marine station


The shipping company announced the preparation of a draft of the project to establish the marine station, with indicated that the station will provide free services to ships and tankers and marine units coming to Iraqi ports.

The company said in a statement "the economy received a copy of the news, that" shipping company prepared a draft for a project freely floating in the country's territorial waters in the presence of the Director of the company and its officials and representatives of the sea Crown contracting company putting marine station, stating that "the draft agreement included the implementation details of this station.

"The marine station to about nine marine services for ships and tankers and marine units coming into Iraqi ports mainly fuelled by the quality of light and heavy", noting that the company referred to the project expressed their willingness to implement the details of the draft after the approval of the Ministry. "

The statement noted that "the marine terminal will activate the ports and services to ships and marine traffic activation to attract ships and oil tankers entering into ports.

The shipping company is one of the Ministry of transport and the Basra headquarters of companies that specialized work in shipping and provide backup and support Iraqi ports to both trade and oil.